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Here is FindingMickey.com's FREE Hidden Mickeys checklist for Disneyland - Anaheim. Please print it out and take the Hidden Mickey list with you to the park! [Last update APRIL 02, 2015]

Parking & Surrounding Areas

[ ] Disneyland Drive (Giant Mickey seen from satellite photo or Paradise Pier window)
[ ] Mickey & Friends Parking Structure (U-turn signs)
[ ] Mickey & Friends Parking Structure (Daisy level Concrete Mickey 3A-3B)
[ ] Mickey & Friends Parking Structure (Daisy level Concrete Mickey 2A, 2 spots away)
[ ] Mickey & Friends Parking Structure (Character Celebrate Level Signs - confetti)

Entrance Plaza

[ ] Compass Rose (Classic Mickey Compass Rose, center of esplanade)
[ ] Personalized Bricks (Classic Mickeys inscribed on bricks)
[ ] Benches (Classic Mickey benches are scattered around the entrance plaza)
[ ] Disneyland Kennel Club (Dalmatian spot Hidden Mickey in the office)
[ ] Information Booth (guest information sign features a Classic Mickey)
[ ] Security Check Queue (several of the fun tip signs)
[ ] Ticket Booth (Classic Mickeys top each ticket booth)
[ ] Ticket Booth (each window features a Classic Mickey cutout)
[ ] Ticket Booth (paired Mickey brackets supporting each window counter)
[ ] Street Lamps (gas-style street lamps are topped with Classic Mickeys)
[ ] Sign Post (sign posts bases are covered with Classic Mickey patterns)
[ ] Sign Post (sign posts are topped with Classic Mickeys)
[ ] Tree Guard Rivets (Classic Mickey rivets on iron tree guards)
[ ] Turnstiles (backsides of the turnstiles feature Classic Mickey cutouts)

Main Street, U.S.A.

[ ] Disneyland Railroad (Engine No. 3 - Fred Gurley tender tank stop bracket)
[ ] Disneyland Railroad (Engine No. 5 - Ward Kimball tender tank stop bracket)
[ ] Disneyland Railroad Station (two Mickey flags)
[ ] Disneyland City Hall (Mickey flag above the guided tours building)
[ ] Emporium (Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey in a mural behind a register)
[ ] Main Street Magic Shop (playing card in the Harry Houdini window display)
[ ] 20th Century Music Company (three tamborines)
[ ] Disneyland Casting Agency Door (Classic Mickeys in the door's design)
[ ] Main Street Cinema (Classic Mickey lights inside the cinema)
[ ] Main Street Market House (Classic Mickey iron wall decor)
[ ] Main Street Fruit Cart (Classic Mickey under the green iron fruit cart)
[ ] Penny Arcade (Pinocchio Arcade Game console)
[ ] Penny Arcade (Stitch pressed quarter machine, Mickey stamped on machinery)
[ ] Penny Arcade (Antique Scale - Brass Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Main Street Photo Supply Co. (Classic Mickey shaped lens on antique camera)
[ ] Corner Cafe (Classic Mickey planters hanging from the wrought iron marquee)


[ ] Peter Pan's Flight (Mickey's silhouette in the Big Ben clock tower)
[ ] Peter Pan's Flight (teddy bear paws, 2nd floor window, outer facade)
[ ] Pinocchio's Daring Adventure (Pleasure Island gates in loading zone mural)
[ ] Pinocchio's Daring Adventure (popcorn Mickey in the popcorn machine)
[ ] Pinocchio's Daring Adventure (popcorn Mickey on floor)
[ ] Pinoccio's Daring Adventure (Classic Mickey tops the ship case)
[ ] Snow White's Scary Adventures (Loading Zone - 3 trees in mural)
[ ] Snow White's Scary Adventures (three red gems in the jewel barrel)
[ ] Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (Toad statue in queue, left eye Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (faux pink stained glass Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (Eaves seen from queue, red berry Mickey)
[ ] King Arthur's Carousel (three jewel Hidden Mickeys on Jingles)
[ ] Pixie Hollow (Faeries Welcome sign - Hidden Mickey on the post)
[ ] Matterhorn (tiny black Mickey, red & white key crest, along queue)
[ ] Matterhorn (Occasionally - Wells Expedition Rope Loop Mickey)
[ ] Alice in Wonderland (painting the roses red paint splatter Mickey)
[ ] Alice in Wonderland (picture frame in White Rabbit's house)
[ ] Casey Jr. Circus Train (gauges on locomotive control panel Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Village Haus Restaurant (painted stern of a wooden model ship)
[ ] Village Haus Restaurant (Stained Glass Window - Pinocchio)
[ ] Storybook Land (Flora - painted on port side)
[ ] Storybook Land (Snow White - painted on aft side of the deck house)
[ ] U.S. Mail Box (between drawbridge & Peter Pan's Flight)
[ ] It's a Small World (three control towers in the loading area)
[ ] It's a Small World (holiday season - Hidden Mickey on santa hat on clock face)
[ ] It's a Small World (holiday season - holly berry Hidden Mickey towards end)
[ ] It's a Small World Light Show (holiday season - Hidden Mickey below clock face)
[ ] Mickey and the Magical Map (Stage Facade Hidden Mickeys)
[ ] Mickey and the Magical Map (Inkspot Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Mickey and the Magical Map (Tiana's Riverboat Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Water Tower (behind the train station, Mickey Mouse logo on water tower)


[ ] Buzz Lightyear wall (planet Ska-densii)
[ ] Buzz Lightyear wall (Green Planet - green swirl Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Buzz Lightyear wall (Mickey on orange Scrabble tiles in first room)
[ ] Star Tours (Flight Attendant's Mickey hairdo)
[ ] Star Tours (Ewok with a Mickey Mouse plush in the safety video)
[ ] Star Traders (Star Wars inspired Classic Mickey in display window)
[ ] Star Traders (three flying saucers inside the shop)
[ ] Space Mountain (speakers in the coaster cars form a Classic mickey)
[ ] Space Mountain (Command Center shielding)
[ ] Space Mountain (Hidden Mickey craters on the floating asteroid)
[ ] Pizza Port (Mickey molecules on the Adventure Thru Inner Space poster)
[ ] Innoventions: Entrance (Classic Mickeys above the doors)
[ ] Innoventions: Entrance (Partial Hidden Mickey on the double doors)
[ ] Innoventions: Tom Morrow (Mickey shoelaces & Mickeys in pockets)
[ ] Innoventions (grape Hidden Mickeys in the hallway mural downstairs)
[ ] Innoventions: Dream Home (video window near Dream Home front door)
[ ] Innoventions: Dream Home (Mickey porch railing)
[ ] Innoventions: Dream Home (circle patterned yellow carpet Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Innoventions: Dream Home (Mickey silhouette book end)
[ ] Innoventions: Dream Home (thank you sign)
[ ] Innoventions monitor camera (Mickey shaped webcams found upstairs)
[ ] Innoventions (artwork in Honda Theatre, Mickey hidden in a green square)
[ ] Innoventions (red glass bead Hidden Mickey, under the glass floor upstairs)
[ ] Tomorrowland Terrace Stage (metalwork Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Autopia (Classic Mickey license plate sticker)
[ ] Autopia (Classic Mickey - Mouse Crossing street sign)
[ ] Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage (coral wall in queue, near Monorail elevator exit)
[ ] Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage (Observation Outpost locker Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage (Occasionally - Rope Loop Mickey on docks)


[ ] Jungle Cruise (cast iron frying pan Hidden Mickey aboard "Suwannee Lady")
[ ] Adventureland Bazaar - Indiana Jones Store (Round Screen Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Indiana Jones (Mara Temple script - MM)
[ ] Indiana Jones (well cover hieroglyphs Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Indiana Jones (Eeyore parking sign above the queue in the projection room)
[ ] Indiana Jones (Hidden Mickey shadow on the wall in projection room)
[ ] Indiana Jones (Classic Mickey shadow on the wall in movie room queue)
[ ] Indiana Jones (Mickey Mouse Life Magazine cover in Indy's office)
[ ] Indiana Jones (Idol of Mara - cleft in upper lip & nostrils Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Indiana Jones (Bones, the skeleton, wearing personalized Mickey ears)
[ ] Indiana Jones (coiled cobra icon Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Tarzan's Tree House (curtain hooks)
[ ] Tarzan's Tree House (Classic Mickey steel drums)
[ ] Tarzan's Tree House (steel drum & smaller barrels)

New Orleans Square

[ ] Pirates of the Caribbean (shell Mickey in beach scene)
[ ] Pirates of the Caribbean (treasure room treasure chest lock)
[ ] Pirates of the Caribbean (Davy Jones projection, barnacle Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Pirates of the Caribbean (fort wall impact crater)
[ ] Pirates of the Caribbean (Mickey decorated armor in the gunfight room)
[ ] Pirates of the Caribbean (Exit Corridor - antique lock outside Pieces of Eight)
[ ] Blue Bayou (stained glass Classic Mickey in lobby)
[ ] Club 33 (gold detail Hidden Mickey on cast member vests)
[ ] Jewel of Orleans (Hidden Mickey projected onto the ceiling)
[ ] Court des Anges (look for this secluded area's sign)
[ ] Haunted Mansion (wallpaper in the haunted art gallery)
[ ] Haunted Mansion (Classic Mickey arrangement of plates on ballroom table)
[ ] Haunted Mansion (Nightmare Before Xmas, seasonal - stained glass holly berries)
[ ] Haunted Mansion (Nightmare Before Xmas, seasonal - snowdrift in ballroom)
[ ] Haunted Mansion (Nightmare Before Xmas, seasonal - black plate place setting)
[ ] Disney Dream Suite (special star lighting in master bath)
[ ] Disney Dream Suite (red Hidden Mickey on carpet)
[ ] Disney Dream Suite (blue Hidden Mickey on carpet)


[ ] Golden Horseshoe stage vent (Hidden Mickey on center vent)
[ ] Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (three giant gears Hidden Mickey)
[ ] S.S. Mark Twain (Classic Mickey ironwork between the smokestacks)
[ ] S.S. Mark Twain River Excursions sign (Hidden Mickey silhouette)
[ ] Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island (above the cave entrance, left from the raft)
[ ] Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island (Mickey in cement on top of the chimney)
[ ] Rivers of America (Classic Mickey river rocks)
[ ] Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante (wooden post Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Big Thunder Ranch Petting Zoo (wooden sink counter, Mickey knot hole)
[ ] Big Thunder Ranch House (reigns & bridles feature Classic Mickeys)
[ ] Big Thunder Ranch House (horseshoe Hidden Mickey in the giant horseshoe pile)
[ ] Shooting Exposition (Mickey-shaped cactus)
[ ] Pioneer Mercantile (Mickeys on the various wall lamps inside the gift shop)

Critter Country

[ ] Splash Mountain (height requirement sign, faux wood knot Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Splash Mountain (hand crank gears form a Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Splash Mountain (photo of Mickey Mouse riding Splash Mountain)
[ ] Winnie the Pooh (Mickey hidden in the wood grain, right side at entrance)
[ ] Winnie the Pooh (Hidden Mickey on the side of Gopher's Burrow)
[ ] Winnie the Pooh (Mickey ears on bookcase behind sleeping Pooh)
[ ] Winnie the Pooh (honey splatter Hidden Mickey)
[ ] The Briar Patch Gift Shop (cabbage Mickey hidden on the shelves)


[ ] Order of the Mouse Seal (Classic Mickey above Toontown entrance)
[ ] Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin (paint bucket swirl Mickey hidden in queue)
[ ] Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin (Classic Mickey hidden on hubcap in loading area)
[ ] Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin (room with buildings, back of double doors)
[ ] Fireworks Factory (look closely at the rockets protruding from the brick facade)
[ ] Toontown Firehouse (ring the bell and look for the dalmatian puppy in a window)
[ ] Clarabelle's Frozen Yogurt (Classic Mickey only seen when closed)
[ ] Mickey's House (Mickey shaped mailbox)
[ ] Mickey's House (Meet Mickey Sign)
[ ] Mickey's House (Mickey shaped window on front door)
[ ] Mickey's House (Classic Mickey welcome mat)
[ ] Mickey's House (various books feature Hidden Mickeys on their spines)
[ ] Mickey's House (Surrealist Mickey Artwork)
[ ] Mickey's House (notepad on Mickey's desk)
[ ] Mickey's House (photo of Walt Disney & Mickey)
[ ] Mickey's House (metronome on Mickey's piano)
[ ] Mickey's House (Hidden Mickeys in the player piano sheet music)
[ ] Mickey's House (One Hidden Donald in the player piano sheet music)
[ ] Mickey's House (Movie Screen - Hidden Mickey countdown)
[ ] Mickey's House (Hidden Mickey on paintbrush in Tuxedo Mickey's photo area)
[ ] Mickey's House (sheet music Hidden Mickey in Silly Symphony photo area)
[ ] Mickey's House (starry night Hidden Mickey in Sorcerer's Apprentice photo area)
[ ] Mickey's Toontown Car (Hidden Mickey on hubcaps)
[ ] Minnie's House (orange book on Minnie's bookcase)
[ ] Minnie's House (pictures feature Mickey & Minnie)
[ ] Minnie's House (balls of yarn Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Minnie's House (Mickey on the front of Minnie's fridge)
[ ] Minnie's House (relish inside Minnie's fridge)
[ ] Cast Member Exit (stone Hidden Mickey on wall)
[ ] Toontown Port Office (Post Office Letter-shaped sign has a Mickey stamp)
[ ] Mickey's Post Office Box (each character's box features their silhouette)
[ ] Toontown Lantern (outdoor lamp features a Classic Mickey pattern)
[ ] Toontown Telephone (Hidden Mickey in the canter of the rotary dial)
[ ] Toontown's Third Little Piggy Bank (Mickey faced coins on sign)
[ ] Gadget's Go Coaster (Classic Mickey shaped rocks in queue)
[ ] Gadget's Go Coaster (partially Hidden Mickey on blueprints)
[ ] Toontown Toonhole Cover (manhole cover)
[ ] Mickey's House (holiday season - Xmas tree with Mickey topper & ornaments)
[ ] Minnie's House (holiday season - Xmas tree with Minnie topper & ornaments)

Mousellaneous Disneyland Resort

[ ] Long Lost Friends (Pocahontas Backdrop)
[ ] Holiday Season Mickey Popcorn Bucket (Holly Berries on Top Hat)
[ ] Holiday Season Cups (Hidden Mickey Snowflakes)
[ ] Cast Member Service Ring (Mickey's silhouette adorns these gold service rings)
[ ] Cast Member Keychains (keychains feature Classic Mickey cutouts)
[ ] Disneyland Security Badge (burgundy Classic Mickeys centered on each badge)
[ ] Disneyland Security Logo (Classic Mickey logos found on neckties and patches)