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Welcome to is dedicated to finding and photographing the Hidden Mickeys and Hidden Disney details at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. We try to document as much as possible including Disneyland secrets, facts and history. We also search for Hidden Mickeys, Easter Eggs and other Disney Details in Disney Movies and Animation. Disney is in the details!

What are Hidden Mickeys?

Early Walt Disney Studio artists were famous for hiding secrets, caricatures and characters in the cartoons and animated features they created. When several of those animators became the first Disneyland Imagineers, the practice continued at the parks. Walt Disney Imagineers originally created Hidden Mickeys as inside jokes, then began hiding Mickeys in and around the Disney Parks and attractions. Since then, Hidden Mickeys have grown to become a popular part of everything Disney.

Officially, a Hidden Mickey is a complete or partial image of Mickey Mouse, that has been purposefully hidden by Disney's Imagineers, Artists or Cast Members. Hidden Mickeys can be found in, on or around Disney attractions, hotels, restaurants, stores and even Disney feature films. Most of the images are hidden or designed to blend into their surroundings. The most common Hidden Mickeys are three connected or intersecting circles (always correctly proportioned), placed to form the outline of Mickey's head and ears. These are known as the Classic Mickey.

classicmickey.gif [example of a Classic Mickey]

Most hunters agree that there are slight differences between Hidden Mickeys and decorative Mickeys. Real Hidden Mickeys are usually concealed or disguised, whereas decorative Mickeys are often found as accents in plain sight. Since the differences are subjective, and found in the eye of the beholder, we will list and post photos of ALL Mickeys - hidden or not!

There are also wishful thinking Mickeys. These are Mickeys that seem to be Hidden Mickeys, but are usually not. Every set of three conjoined circles doesn't necessarily create a Hidden Mickey. True Hidden Mickeys are always correctly proportioned and somewhat concealed, as defined by the Imagineers, Artists and Cast Members who've created them. Disneyland's City Hall Cast Members have access to a wealth of information about the park. The plaid clad City Hall and Tour Guide CMs are happy to share general information about Disneyland, as well as Hidden Mickey guidelines and well known locations.

It never hurts to ask Cast Members about Hidden Mickeys. That individual may or may not know what a Hidden Mickey even is. From personal experience, the Cast Members assigned to certain rides or zones, usually know where to find the Hidden Mickeys in that specific area or attraction. Some CMs may share exactly where the Hidden Mickeys are, while others might only drop cryptic hints or choose to keep them secret.

So... Where exactly are the Hidden Mickeys at Disneyland Resort? Finding Mickey is happy to provide FREE Hidden Mickey checklists for Disneyland Park, Disney's California Adventure, Disneyland Resort Hotels and Downtown Disney. So grab a list, get searching and HAVE FUN! ºoº

What is Hidden Disney?

Hidden Disney is a term used to describe the distinctive Disney details, Easter Eggs, little known facts and secrets hidden at Disneyland, other Disney Theme Parks and films from Walt Disney Studios. In the studios early days, Disney animators would famously insert hidden characters, messages or caricatures of friends and colleagues into many of the studio's cartoon shorts, movies and features. The practice followed many of the fun loving artists to Disneyland, who began to incorporate their own secrets into the attractions. A few of the animatronic figures in the Pirates of the Caribbean were modeled after WED employees and a special Small World doll was inspired by designer Mary Blair's personal style.

Our website focuses on the Hidden Disney details from Disneyland and the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. However, we also search for Easter Eggs, Hidden Disney and secrets in Walt Disney Studios feature films, movies, animation and television shows. We are always on the lookout for new Disney Details and Disneyland Secrets to share at!

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