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Hidden Mickey Monday ºoº - Miracle - T-Shirt Hidden Mickey

In honor of the XXX Olympic Games in London, England, here's an olympic-inspired Hidden Mickey from the Walt Disney Pictures film Miracle (2004). Starring Kurt Russell as head coach Herb Brooks, Miracle chronicles the gold medal winning U.S. Mens Ice Hockey team from the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York.

As an unheralded group of American amateurs and collegians defeated the heavily favored Soviet Union, sportscaster Al Michaels made the iconic call, "Do you believe in Miracles?"

Due to the overwhelming odds and Michaels' quote, that emotional medal round victory is simply known as the Miracle on Ice. However, the miracle wasn't complete until two days later, when the U.S. won the gold medal match against Finland. After beating the Soviets, the Americans defeated the Finnish team, earning the improbable gold in a 4-2 comeback win.

The Hidden Mickey appears as Mike Eruzione (played by Patrick O'Brien Demsey) gears up for the U.S. hockey tryouts. As he chats with Rob McClanahan (Nathan West), Eruzione's Mickey Mouse T-shirt becomes visible for several seconds.


Hidden Mickey Monday ºoº - Radiator Springs Racers - Cacti Hidden Mickey

Three Cacti create a Classic Hidden Mickey - Radiator Springs Racers Queue - Cars Land

There are dozens of Hidden Mickeys scattered throughout the all-new Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park. There are also dozens of desert plants that accentuate Route 66's Southwestern motifs, including the round Golden Barrel Cactus, jokingly called the Mother-in-Law's cushion.

Hidden in the desert-themed extended queue for Radiator Springs Racers is a grouping of three spherical barrel cacti. The cactus Hidden Mickey has been placed near the base of an old road sign, visible along the queue's railing. Planted close together, the obvious proportions create a Classic Mickey.


Hidden Mickey Monday ºoº - Radiator Springs Powerline Hidden Mickey

Luigi's Casa Della Tires & Route 66 - Radiator Springs - Cars Land

In Disney California Adventure Park's Cars Land, the Radiator Springs storefronts along Route 66 feature fresh paint, new neon and a Hidden Mickey.

Powerline Hidden Mickey - Radiator Springs Courthouse - Cars LandWhile driving along Route 66 towards the municipal building and Radiator Springs Racers, look left to find an odd knot in the powerline. In the line that connects to Red's firehouse, the looped wire creates a perfectly proportioned Hidden Mickey.


Hidden Mickey Monday ºoº - Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage - Rope Loops

Rope Loop Hidden Mickey - Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage - Tomorrowland

Rope Loop Hidden Mickey - Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage - Tomorrowland

On ocassion, the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage Cast Members create a classic Hidden Mickey by looping spare rope on the wooden submarine dock.


Hidden Mickey Monday ºoº - Clarabelle's Hidden Mickeys - Buena Vista Street & Toontown


Clarabelle the Cow - Plane Crazy (1928)In 1928, Clarabelle the Cow made her first appearance, as a dairy cow, in Mickey Mouse's Plane Crazy. She soon evolved into more of an anthropomorphic character, appearing regularly in Disney cartoons until 1943, then becoming one of the Walt Disney Studios forgetten characters.

After almost 40 years of neglect, Clarabelle made cameos in Mickey's Christmas Carol (1983) and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988). Lately, she's enjoyed a modern resurgence in popularity, making regular appearances in the Disney Channel's animated Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Clarabelle was also part of the popular Epic Mickey (2010) video game, playing one of the forgotten characters from the past.

Clarabelle Cow - Disneyland's Family Fun Days - January 2011

Clarabelle the Cow is no longer a shadow from Disney's forgotten past, having been made a part of the revamped Disney California Adventure Park. Clarabelle's Ice Cream Shop has opened on the re-themed Buena Vista Street, complete with hand scooped ice cream and Hidden Mickeys.

A keen eye will be needed to spot the new Mickeys at Clarabelle's. Check for the Clarabelle's Dairy milk bottles, displayed on shelves behind the counter. Each of the bottles features Classic Mickeys hidden on the logo as cow spots.

Milk Bottles from Clarabelle's Ice Cream Shop - Buena Vista Street - DCA

Clarabelle's Dairy Bottle Hidden Mickey - Buena Vista Street - DCA

Close-up of Clarabelle's Dairy Bottle Hidden Mickey - Buena Vista Street - DCA

Not in the mood for ice cream? If you're craving frozen yogurt and more Hidden Mickeys, head back to Disneyland's Toontown to find another cartoon cow-themed dessert shop, Clarabelle's Frozen Yogurt. This Clarabelle's Hidden Mickey is much easier to find, although this cow spot is only visible when the yogurt shop is closed.

Clarabelle's Frozen Yogurt - Toontown - Disneyland

Clarabelle's Frozen Yogurt Hidden Mickey - Toontown - Disneyland

Actually, both of these Disneyland Resort cow spot Mickeys lead back to Orlando, Florida and the famous Minnie Moo. Born in Edgerton, Minnesota in 1984, she was originally owned by dairy farmer Melvin Brockberg and his family. In 1988, Brockberg's niece, Jody Kline, began sending pictures of the specially spotted cow to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

AP Photo - As published in The Victoria Advocate (11OCT1990)

Photo © TOM BURTON - ORLANDO SENTINEL (01AUG1992)In 1990, the Disney Company purchased Minnie Moo and brought her to Walt Disney World. Thousands of WDW guests visited her at various venues over the years, including the petting zoo, Grandma Duck's Farm, Starland and Fort Wilderness. Minnie Moo, the black & white Holstein cow with a Classic tri-circle Mickey spot on its left side lived the Florida theme park until she died in 2001. Although she's left for greener pastures, photographs of Minnie Moo's Mickey have been hidden at several Walt Disney World Resort locations.