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Hidden Mickey Monday ºoº - The Emporium's Mickey Murals

In 2011, The Emporium on Disneyland's Main Street reopened after a lengthy renovation. When the tarped facade finally disappeared, The Emporium emerged with several new Hidden Mickeys. Two of the Mickeys were carefully painted into murals most guests would probably overlook.

The murals are painted as displays behind one of the Emporium register counters. Located in the corner adjacent to Town Square & Main Street, the first mural features a flower trimmed hat and pink vase. Examine the subjects carefully to find a special snowglobe on a tiny table. 

Hidden within the snowglobe is Mickey Mouse, posed famously as the Sorcerer's Apprentice.

The second mural features a clock, ornate vase and three glass snowglobes.

All three globes seem to feature Disney themes, but the furthest one from the foreground contains the Hidden Mickey. Inspired by the partners statue, the globe with the pink base displays Walt & Mickey holding hands in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.


Hidden Mickey Monday ºoº - Wandering Oaken's Trading Post Hidden Mickey

Disney's Frozen features wonderful characters, memorable songs and several Hidden Disney references - including a few Hidden Mickeys. One carefully Hidden Mickey appears inside Wandering Oaken's Trading Post, a rural shop visited by an ill-equipped Princess Anna, as she tries to find her way through Elsa's snowstorm. 

Wandering Oaken's Trading Post Hidden Mickey - Disney's Frozen

As Anna peruses the lightly stocked winter section in Wandering Oaken's, she passes by several shelves full of merchandise. Look through the items on the lower shelf. Tough to find, it seems as if Anna's left elbow points right at a small, Mickey Mouse plush. Frozen fans with a quick eye can catch a quick glimpse of Mickey's red shorts, upper torso and right cheek.

Close-up of the Hidden Mickey in Wandering Oaken's Trading Post - Disney's Frozen 


Hidden Mickey Monday ºoº - Wreck-It Ralph - Double U Dee's Hidden Mickey & Hidden Disney

Wreck-It Ralph, the 52nd animated feature from Walt Disney Studios, famously features dozens of arcade game character cameos. Sticking true to Disney Animation's tradition of hidden gags and inside jokes, Wreck-It Ralph also contains several Disney-themed Easter Eggs and at least one Hidden Mickey.

A Double U Dee's Billboard Hidden Mickey from Disney's Wreck-It Ralph (2012) © Walt Disney Animation

A full picture of Mickey Mouse has been hidden on a cleverly worded billboard for Double U Dee's or WD's for Walt Disney. Found in external shots of the arcade, the billboard is located just behind the red-roofed Litwak's Family Fun Center.

A lost Bolt appears on a bulletin board flyer, visible during the Bad Guys Anonymous meeting - Wreck-It Ralph (2012) © Walt Disney Animation

A bit of Hidden Disney appears during Ralph's first Bad Guys Anonymous meeting. The lost dog flyer posted in the Bad Anon meeting room is a nod to Walt Disney's Bolt (2008), a reference to the flyers Penny made while her beloved American Shepherd was missing.

Tiny the Tyrannosaurus Rex from Disney's Meet the Robinsons (2007) makes a random dinosaur cameo in Wreck-It Ralph (2012) © Walt Disney Animation

Most of Wreck-It Ralph's character cameos take place in the busy and bustling Game Central Station. Mixed in with video game icons are a few Hidden Disney references, including Tiny the Tyrannosaurus Rex from Meet the Robinsons (2007). One of the Bowler Hat Guy's ill-conceived henchmen, Tiny's enormous body and small arms weren't very useful while trying to grab Lewis, the little pre-teen inventor.

Played at the very end of the credits, the Wreck-It Ralph kill screen pays homage to Pac-Man and 80s arcade games. © Walt Disney Animation

Keep those eyes open for more Hidden Disney and stay to the end of the credits for a little surprise. Wreck-It Ralph has one last game inspired bit of bonus content, as the movie ends with a Pac-Man-style kill screen. Due to hardware limitations, glitches or programming errors, elite gamers learned certain arcade games from the 80s had kill screens instead of proper endings. The famed Pac-Man bomb screen appeared as the game's 256th level, since the system's limited processing could only account for values 0-255. Since kill screens could only be reached after hours of gameplay, some developers left them in the code and hardcore gamers sought them out as badges of honor.


Hidden Mickey Monday ºoº - Haunted Mansion Holiday - Ballroom Hidden Mickeys

Inspired by Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), Disneyland's Haunted Mansion gets an annual makeover called the Haunted Mansion Holiday. The popular overlay mixes themes from both Halloween & Christmas, decking the mansion's eerie halls from late-September to mid-January.

Disneyland's annual Halloween Time festivities draw guests to New Orleans Square, who line up to see Jack Skellington's seasonal nightmare. Every year Disney's Imagineers keep the holiday event fresh by adding original gags, creating elaborate ballroom centerpieces and finding new ways to hide Mickeys.

Over the years, the Haunted Mansion's Holiday Hidden Mickeys have been tweaked, moved and reinvented. Winter storms have pushed piles of toys, festive sleds and heavy snowdrifts through the ballroom's doors, usually with some sort of Mickey hidden within the mayhem.

2012 Haunted Mansion Holiday - Snowdrift Hidden Mickey (Center)

2011 Haunted Mansion Holiday - Snowdrift Hidden Mickey

2009 Haunted Mansion Holiday - Snowdrift Hidden Mickey (Lower Right)In addition to the seasonal snowdrift Hidden Mickeys, a Halloween-themed version of the Haunted Mansion's classic ballroom place settings also appear. The standard blue china Hidden Mickeys have been recreated with black, spider web patterned plates. Just like their classic porcelain counterparts, these Halloween Hidden Mickeys get moved around the table by Cast Members or playful ghosts. Incidentally, these seasonal Hidden Mickeys always share the ballroom table with an elaborate Nightmare Before Christmas centerpiece, designed specifically for that Haunted Mansion Holiday season.

2012 Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare - Ballroom Place Setting - Plate Hidden Mickey

2010 Haunted Mansion Holiday - Ballroom Place Setting - Plate Hidden Mickey (Left)2008 Haunted Mansion Holiday - Ballroom Place Setting - Plate Hidden MickeyThough the Haunted Mansion Holiday is already quite a spectacle, try to keep those eyes focused in the dimly lit ballroom for these spectacular seasonal Hidden Mickeys.


Hidden Mickey Monday ºoº - Rusty Radiator Springs Curios Hidden Mickey

Lizzie's Radiator Springs Curios in Radiator Springs - Cars Land

There are hundreds of odd items and knick knacks in Lizzie's ecclectic shop, Radiator Springs Curios in Cars Land. Inspired by actual souvenir shops located along Historic Route 66, the Radiator Springs Curios facade is decorated with hubcaps, license plates and rusty signs.

Looking for a sign? Mickey is hidden in front of Radiator Springs Curios in Cars Land.

Although the Cars Land gift shop is inspired by real places, WDI's Imagineers added the Disney touch by sneaking in Disney Details, Pixar Secrets and Hidden Mickeys. The left side of Lizzie's storefront features one Hidden Mickey, mixed in with Cars Land license plates from places like Rollingstop, New Suspension and Torqueville.

Rusty Sign Hidden Mickey, in front of Cars Land's Radiator Springs Curios

Head over to the end of Lizzie's porch, past the window with the blue neon Route 66 sign. Rust has eaten away the yellow paint on a sign marked PUMP, creating a very unique Cars Land Hidden Mickey.