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Destination D: 75 Years of Disney Animated Features

D23, the Walt Disney Company's Official Disney Fan Club, hosts Destination D: 75 Years of Disney Animated Features, held on August 11 & 12, 2012, at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

Located at the Disneyland Hotel & Convention Center, the D23 event celebrates 75 years of Walt Disney Studios' animated features, a legacy that started in 1937, with Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Descriptions of Destination D's scheduled events:

Saturday, August 11

WALT AND THE FIRST GOLDEN AGE OF DISNEY ANIMATION - Hosted by Becky Cline, director of the Walt Disney Archives, Disney Legend Burny Mattinson, Disney layout artist and producer Joe Hale, and director Ted Thomas.  The panel will discuss Walt Disney‘s cinematic storytelling practices and traditions, Disney‘s animation milestones, and Disney‘s Nine Old Men.

ROY E. DISNEY AND THE SECOND GOLDEN AGE OF DISNEY ANIMATION - Hosted by Disney Historian, Tim O‘Day, Roy E. Disney's son - Roy Patrick Disney, Disney animation film producer - Don Hahn, Disney animation directors and producers - John Musker & Ron Clements, and Dave Bossert - creative director and head of special projects at Walt Disney Animation Studios. The paneilsts will remember Roy E. Disney and his impact on Disney animated features of the 1980s and 90s.

INSIDE WALT DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIOS TODAY - Hosted by Disney animator Darrin Butters. An exclusive Destination D presentation, D23 members will get an insight into how today's animators carry on the tradition of Walt Disney Studios. Attendees will also be treated to a never-before-seen peek into exciting current and upcoming projects from Walt Disney Animation Studios. Exclusive sneak peeks and footage from Wreck-It Ralph, the 2013 feature film Frozen, and the short films Paperman and Tangled Ever After.

THE GREATEST DISNEY ANIMATION YOU NEVER SAW - Hosted by Oscar-nominated Disney producer Don Hahn and Dave Bossert - creative director and head of special projects at Walt Disney Animation Studios. D23 broke into the vaukt, presenting never before seen films and rare Disney animation from throughout the years, including commercials, test animation, cut sequences, and more.

ANIMATING THE DISNEY PARKS - Hosted by Becky Cline, director of the Walt Disney Archives and Tim O‘Day, noted Disney historian. Walt Disney Imagineering senior vice president of creative development Tony Baxter and Imagineering vice president of creative development Tom Morris join former Disney Imagineer Eddie Sotto to discuss how famed Imagineers such as Herb Ryman, John Hench, Claude Coats, Marc Davis and others, used their talents and experience as Disney animators to create Disneyland and the subsequent Disney Parks.

AN EVENING WITH DICK VAN DYKE AND THE VANTASTIX - An unforgettable evening of harmony provided by Dick Van Dyke & The Vantastix - a vocal quartet featuring the legendary Dick Van Dyke and three renowned west coast musicians— Mike Mendyke, Bryan Chadima, and Eric Bradley. The Vantastix will perform memorable songs from Van Dyke‘s career, along with several Disney standards.

SCREENING: WALT & EL GRUPO – THE DIRECTOR‘S CUT - An exclusive presentation for D23 Members - a special Director's Cut showing of the acclaimed 2009 film documentary, Walt & El Grupo. The screening will be hosted by director Ted Thomas and producer Kuniko Okubo. The documentary film chronicles the amazing 10-week trip that Walt Disney, his artists and accompanying filmakers took through South America in 1941. With much of the world embroiled in World War II, Walt and El Grupo (Disney's group of artists and filmakers) embarked on a goodwill mission sponsored by U.S. Government.

Sunday, August 12

WACKY AND WILD DISNEY ANIMATION - Hosted by D23‘s Disney Geek co-host - Billy Stanek, Disney animator and director Eric Goldberg and animation historian Jerry Beck. Attendees will view psychedelic and stunning Disney animation clips, while discussing Disney Legend Ward Kimball, renowned artist Salvador Dali, and many others.

DRAWING WITH PERSONALITY - Hosted by famed Disney animator Andreas Deja. Walt Disney Studios is known for breathing life into character animation. Animators will share some of Disney's animation secrets, which helped create Disney's most beloved animated characters. Attendees will also have the opportunity to design their own Disney animated characters, with a little help from talented Disney animators.

TINKER BELL: THE EVOLUTION OF A DISNEY CHARACTER - Hosted by Disney animation historian Mindy Johnson. Johnson will delve into the development of one of Disney‘s most iconic characters, Tinker Bell, presenting never-before-seen art, photos, and film clips. Joining the discussion will be Tinker Bell models Margaret Kerry and Ginni Mack, actress Mae Whitman - who currently voices Tinker Bell, and animation director Peggy Holmes.

HEARING VOICES: A SALUTE TO DISNEY VOICE ARTISTS - Hosted by Disney historian Tim O‘Day. Destination D attendees will get a chance to meet the actors who provide the voices for several of Disney's iconic characters. The panel will include, Dickie Jones - Pinocchio (Pinocchio), Kathryn Beaumont - Alice (Alice in Wonderland) and Wendy Darling (Peter Pan), Lisa Davis - Anita (One Hundred and One Dalmatians), David Frankham - Sgt. Tibbs (One Hundred and One Dalmatians), Bruce Reitherman - Mowgli (The Jungle Book) and Christopher Robin (Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree), Bill Farmer - Goofy (The Goofy Movie) and Chris Sanders - Stitch (Lilo & Stitch)

SNOW WHITE: STILL THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL - Hosted by Tim O‘Day, noted Disney historian. Walt Disney introduced the animated feature film, with his masterpiece Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). Beginning in 1937, the Walt Disney Studios became the forerunner in animation and storytelling. D23 salutes the groundbreaking film with a rare appearance by 93-year-old Marge Champion, Snow White's live-action reference model. Also joining the presentation will be film musicologist and historian Alex Rannie and Gabriella Calicchio, CEO of The Walt Disney Family Museum. Calicchio will discuss the museum‘s upcoming Snow White exhibition and an exciting new D23 exclusive opportunity.

D23 will present a Bonus Featurette ― Once Upon a Mouse

AN EVENING WITH ALAN MENKEN - D23's Destination D animation celebration concludes with a rare concert by Disney Legend Alan Menken. The winner of eight Academy Awards, Menken has received Oscars songwriting and musical scores, creating memorable music for some of Disney's most beloved films: Tangled (Oscar nominee), Enchanted (three Oscar nominations) The Little Mermaid (two Oscars), Beauty and the Beast (two Oscars), Aladdin (two Oscars), Pocahontas (two Oscars), Hercules (Oscar nominee), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Oscar nominee).

Menken currently has three new shows running concurrently on Broadway (Sister Act, Newsies, and Leap of Faith). Among his long list of Broadway productions, are The Little Mermaid (Tony Award nominee), Beauty and the Beast, Little Shop of Horrors, Sister Act (Tony Award nominee), King David, God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Aladdin.



Hidden Mickey Monday ºoº - Goofy's Sky School - Bulletin Board Hidden Mickeys

Goofy's Sky School has a pair of Classic Mickeys hidden on bulletin boards posted along the attraction's queue. While waiting in line, Disney California Adventure Park guests will pass two Sky School message boards, which feature goofy advetisements and posts. Look around the humorous ads and to find the Hidden Mickeys stained onto the corkboards.

One of two Bulletin Boards at Goofy's Sky School - Paradise Pier - DCA

Bulletin Board Hidden Mickey Close-Up - Goofy's Sky School - Paradise Pier - DCAGoofy Bulletins posted at Goofy's Sky School - Paradise Pier - DCA

Close-Up of the second Hidden Mickey - Goofy's Sky School - Paradise Pier - DCA


Hidden Disney Details - Buena Vista Street Mailboxes

There are dozens of Disney Details to discover along Buena Vista Street, Disney California Adventure Park's newly remodeled main thoroughfare. Hidden in a private entryway next to the Los Feliz Five & Dime is an apartment-style mailbox.

The nameplates on the personal mailboxes feature a few familiar names with Disney ties. From left to right the names read; S. Yoshiwara, E. Valiant, T. Ogelvie and P. Peabody.

The S. Yoshiwara mailbox is a tribute to Staci Rei Yoshiwara, a Disney fan and former cast member who passed away before Buena Vista Street's completion.

"This name is dedicated to a good friend and former Disney cast member who passed away during the creation of Buena Vista Street. Being a fan of Disney and knowing she'd never get to see Buena Vista Street, I felt it was only fitting she'd always be able to call it home."
- Brandon Kleyla, WDI Set Decorator

Bob Hoskins plays Eddie Valiant, who receives his mail directly from the postman - Who Framed Roger Rabbit © Touchstone Pictures

E. Valiant - Eddie Valiant from Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988). Valiant was the circus clown turned heroic cop, who then turned into a drunken detective after an evil cartoon dropped a safe on his brother. Eddie was played by real life actor Bob Hoskins, who starred alongside the animated Roger Rabbit. A bit too sexy and risque to be a traditional Disney feature, the Academy Award-winning Who Framed Roger Rabbit was released under Disney's Touchstone Pictures. 

Don Knotts as Theodore Ogelvie (L) & Tim Conway as Amos Tucker - The Apple Dumpling Gang © Walt Disney Productions

T. Ogelvie - Theodore Ogelvie, was Don Knotts' hapless character from Walt Disney Productions' The Apple Dumpling Gang (1975) and its sequel, The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again (1982). In the 1975 box office hit, Knotts teamed with comic actor Tim Conway, who co-starred as the dimwitted Amos Tucker. Together, Theodore and Amos were a pair of inept outlaws, bumbling their way through the Wild West.

Officer Percival P. Peabody - Disney's Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort © StudioCentral.com

P. Peabody - Officer Percival P. Peabody, one of the eccentric citizens from Disney's Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Officer Peabody is entrusted with Keeping the streets of Hollywood safe, one star at a time. (Percival P. Peabody photo courtesy of StudioCentral.com.)


Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream Portraits 2012

Disney has unveiled three stunning new images by Annie Leibovitz for the ongoing Disney Dream Portrait series. The series began in 2007 to promote Disney's "Year of a Million Dreams" campaign. The portraits feature celebrities transformed into Disney characters.

This first image will be the cover of the special insert in fall issues of GQ, O - The Oprah Magazine, People, People En Español, Vanity Fair, Real Simple, Essence and InStyle magazines.

"Where wickedly good times await."

This next image features Russel Brand as Hook in the jaws of Tick-Tock Croc.

"Where every moment leaves you hungry for more."

There's a little matter I forgot to mention... beware of hitchhiking ghosts! This next image features Jack Black, Will Ferrell and Jason Segel as Phineas, Ezra and Gus. This is the first image to feature characters original to Disney parks.

"Where you can go on the ride of your afterlife."


Hidden Mickey Monday ºoº - Miracle - T-Shirt Hidden Mickey

In honor of the XXX Olympic Games in London, England, here's an olympic-inspired Hidden Mickey from the Walt Disney Pictures film Miracle (2004). Starring Kurt Russell as head coach Herb Brooks, Miracle chronicles the gold medal winning U.S. Mens Ice Hockey team from the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York.

As an unheralded group of American amateurs and collegians defeated the heavily favored Soviet Union, sportscaster Al Michaels made the iconic call, "Do you believe in Miracles?"

Due to the overwhelming odds and Michaels' quote, that emotional medal round victory is simply known as the Miracle on Ice. However, the miracle wasn't complete until two days later, when the U.S. won the gold medal match against Finland. After beating the Soviets, the Americans defeated the Finnish team, earning the improbable gold in a 4-2 comeback win.

The Hidden Mickey appears as Mike Eruzione (played by Patrick O'Brien Demsey) gears up for the U.S. hockey tryouts. As he chats with Rob McClanahan (Nathan West), Eruzione's Mickey Mouse T-shirt becomes visible for several seconds.

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