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chris sanders

love his art, love his work...love his artwork? YES! at this year's san diego comic-con international i was able to get the con exclusive maile figure (not pictured - black dress with white skulls), sketchbook #2, autographs and a new picture with both me and neil!

chris sanders'  booth

chris sanders' booth

chris sanders

chris sanders "maile" figures

visit his website [chrissandersart.com]! still in the works...but a new blog entry, bio and sketches are up! "naga!"



browsing steve barrett's website [hiddenmickeysguide.com] today i found someone has been submitting some of MY photos as their own! cropping just enough to remove my mark. i can still tell they are my photos... same angles, proportions, shadows, wrinkles on my disneyland hotel bedspread! i have emailed steve and will be posting about this at flickr as well. it's called copyrighted material. DON'T STEAL!


MouseStation Episode 89

Podcast dated 11.14.07
Hidden Mickeys with Steven Barrett


YOMD through 2008!


2007 brought the launch of the Year of a Million Dreams. Disneyland has decided to make more dreams come true and run YOMD through 2008 - giving us more chances to have wishes big and small granted! Thank you, Disneyland!