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Toontown Opens Today in 1993


Finally old enough to vote, today Toontown celebrates its 18th birthday. On January 24, 1993, Disneyland officially opened Mickey's Toontown, a new land based on the whimsical cartoon city in Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1984). Toontown's ceremonial dedication and related festivities would last for several days. Hollywood's stars and Disney's top Executives, including Michael Eisner, Frank Wells and Roy E. Disney, participated in the Disneyland celebration. Magician & comedian Harry Anderson, star of the sitcom Night Court, served as Honorary Mayor of Toontown.

Disneyland's newest little land was defined by its toon-themed attractions. Guests could explore Mickey Mouse's House, Minnie's House and Chip 'N' Dale's Acorn Crawl. Gadget's Go-Coaster debuted as a mini-thrill ride, and older children enjoyed the playground elements from Goofy's Bounce House and Donald Duck's Miss Daisy. The quirky Jolly Trolleys ambled through Toontown's streets, passing the town's whimsical storefronts and cartoony concessions. A year later, Toontown would welcome Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin, taking riders on a wild spin with Benny the Cab.

However, 18 years later, most of Toontown's original attractions have been closed or re-themed. Chip 'N' Dale's Acorn Crawl, a ball pit for smaller children, was closed due to ongoing concerns about health and cleanliness. Safety issues removed the bounce from Goofy's Bounce House and the jolly from the Jolly Trolley, which now sits like a prop. Many of Toontown's playground-style items were removed, including climbing areas and several slides.

Sadly, only Roger's Cartoon Spin, Mickey's Meet & Greet and the dozens of Hidden Mickeys remain as worthwhile reasons to walk all the way back to Toontown.

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