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Neil's Valentine's Day gift!

I meant to post this back in February...

I wanted to give Neil something special for Valentine's Day. I came across the oneshare.com website. What a fabulous idea! But I didn't want to pay a total of $124 ($39 transfer fee... yikes) when I could open my own investment account somewhere and get a frame much cheaper outside. So I choose sharebuilder.com to buy my stocks from. I already had a ton of Disney scrapbooking supplies and bought a nice frame from Michael's craft store with a 40% off coupon. With the money I saved I was able to buy 2 shares of Disney stock and still have money left over! I didn't have time to send away for an actual stock certificate since it was just days before Valentine's Day... so I printed the purchase. Here is the finished product!


Neil loved it! We plan on buying more Disney stock in the near future! :)

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